Singapore Math Model
and Science Method

Our math lessons are taught using the Singapore Math Model Method.
All our content closely follows the Singapore MOE syllabus and taught by MOE certified teachers. 

Who is this for?

Students. Parents. Educators.
Anyone who wants to learn Primary Math & Science concepts and heuristics. 
Affordably - Conveniently - Autonomously.

What Makes Us Different


Most online portals offer packages that give access to the lessons for a Primary Level for a year. However, within the package, there are many lessons that students may not need as they have already mastered the topic. 

You only pay for what you need to learn. Period. No packages to lock you down. 


Our courses are thinly sliced and so students can zero in on the specific topic or concept they need without having to deal with unnecessary content.  Lesson videos are kept 3 to 5 minutes long.

Research has shown that short bursts of content are more effective for learning. 


Having courses online allows students access to them 24/7 anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. 

No need to fetch your child to tuition centers. No need to entrust strangers entering your place to teach your child. No need to worry about lesson cancellations, tardy tutors and payment for lessons not attended. 

Practice Makes Progress

Students can repeat our online practices for unlimited tries. The questions and answers are shuffled each time to ensure students gain full understanding of the concepts. 

Grades Tracking

Get immediate progress reports after each course. Our system provides and stores student grades and progress upon each assignment or course completion. Preparing for exams can’t get any easier. Just view your profile, statistics and revise the weak topics!

What people say?

Our average rating:

Ethan would not have done well without his patience, tenacity and effective teaching methods!
June Tay
Parent of Ethan
Chris has definitely made a huge difference in Alex’ results and more importantly confidence. She enjoys the subjects now and is aiming for medical school
parent of Alexis
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