Science P6 MGS 2018 SA1 Q01

Sam and his friends, Tom and Vanessa, wanted to find out the conditions needed for mould to grow. They prepared the set-ups as shown in the diagram below.The set-ups were kept at the locations and conditions as shown in the table below.
Set-up ASet-up BSet-up C
Temperature of location30ºC0ºC30ºC
Three days later, they found mould growing on the rice in Set-up C but not in Set-ups A and B.Based on their observation, Sam and his friends suggested why mould did not grow in Set-ups A and B.Sam: “There was a lack of moisture in Set-up A.”Tom: “There was not enough warmth in Set-up B.”Vanessa: “There was not enough air in Set-up B.”Who made the correct statement(s)?