Thank you Chris!

We got to know Chris when Alex was in P6 around term 1 or was a very stressful time as Alex was preparing for PSLE and was experiencing a terrible time with her then Math and Science tuition teacher. Alex was an average student to begin with, and unfortunately had a bad experience with the tuition teacher which caused her to lose her confidence altogether. We got to know Chris from her cousin and immediately signed up with a very managed expectations considering it was really close to PSLE.

Alex’s feedback after the first lesson was encouraging. She told us Chris was very patient and did not make her feel ‘stupid’ as the previous teacher did. What’s more important was Alex became more confident and truly enjoyed science.

Fast forward to PSLE, to our huge surprise, Alex scored A and A* for math and science respectively. As mentioned earlier, based on her previous grades, Alex was an average student and we would be happy with Bs. Obviously her PSLE result was something that was beyond our expectations, and perhaps hers too! She did go into the PSLE with confidence, but to get an A* was not something she thought was possible.

Chris has definitely made a huge difference in Alex’ results and more importantly confidence. She enjoys the subjects now and is aiming for medical school 🙂 – a long journey, but thanks to Chris, this girl now dares to aim high and dream big….thank you Chris!

Moving on to my second child, Maxi. Alex has repeatedly recommended Chris for her brother who is now in P1. Maxi is an autistic child who needs extra support and a dedicated teacher who is willing to work with his learning style. Based on Alex’ experience with Chris, I won’t hesitate to have my son study with Chris when the time comes. This speaks a lot about our confidence in Chris’ teaching method and his ability to engage the children.

Thank you once again Chris for a great few years for Alex!

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