Versatile and Dedicated Coach

Chris is definitely more than your typical tutor due to his ability to tailor his teaching methods to the learning needs of the child. Both my daughters can’t be more different in their affinity to math & science, and learning styles.

I first sent my eldest daughter, Ash, to Chris when she was Primary 4. She was struggling specifically with math problems. In fact, Chris was the one who alerted us to Ash’s learning challenges. This allowed us to send her for diagnosis and isolate the specific areas where she needed help.

He was most patient and assuring when coaching Ash which allowed her to regain interest and confidence in the subject. When I broached the idea of a parents’ workshop, Chris was most receptive and specially curated the materials so that I could support Ash on a daily basis.

My 2nd daughter, Shan, on the other hand, is more inclined to math & science and only needed very targeted coaching in these subjects. Chris was very accommodating in tailoring “booster” lessons which only focused on the selected areas which Shan needed more guidance. During times when Shan was not available for regular tuition, Chris would remotely guide her through visuals and videos that she could view at home.

This flexibility in approach and mediums of instruction is what differentiates Chris from other tutors or tuition centers. He is a master of blended learning, so I believe this online learning portal is a great initiative.

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